Kickstarter- THERE IS A MOON: Little Update!

Hi friends!

There will be a longer and more detailed update coming VERY soon, but I just wanted to send a quick message about a few things.

First of all, all rewards aside from CD's and t-shirts have been sent out! If you have not received a reward, and ordered something that was not a CD or t-shirt, please let me know so that I can look into it!

I would love to see photos of your rewards, so please, if you have something you don't mind sharing, send it to me!

I have recently redone my website, which has lots of demos, photos, and videos for your viewing/listening pleasure. :) You can check that out HERE!

I have also decided to drive back to Dallas one more time, the week after next, to work with David Castell to finally get this album FINISHED!!! I'm very excited to have it complete, and am very very very close. Lots of plans are being made, and will be announced shortly. SO, be on the lookout for updates on my Facebook page and through Kickstarter. If you want more information about the progress of my album to date, and haven't seen the other updates I've posted, please check those out HERE!

Finally, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Halloween. It is by far my favorite time of year, and I hope that y'all have a very fun, safe, and haunted evening!! ;)

Stay Spooky!!! -Scarlett

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