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Scarlett Deering releases There Is A Moon

RELEASE DATE: 1/12/2017


Scarlett Deering releases debut album There Is A Moon

CD and digital download available

Nashville artist Scarlett Deering is kicking off 2017 with a new album entitled There Is A Moon. This is her first solo album, after several years as a member of Seryn.

There Is A Moon is packed with beautifully crafted songs that combine wistfully poetic lyrics with lush pop soundscapes in a way that suits each element perfectly. There are no awkward rhymes, stuttered syllables, or misplaced notes. You can hear Scarlett’s individuality as easily as you can hear the influences she proudly incorporates: the quiet whispery vocals of Imogen Heap, the chromatic harmonies of the Beach Boys and Beatles, the grit of 90’s power pop. All of these elements combine to form a solid, cohesive album. It’s an album that sweetly encourages you to keep listening and leaves you wanting more when it’s done.

The production acknowledges Scarlett’s many influences but easily stands on its own, traveling from the traditional pop of “Waves” into a psychedelic “Good Goodbye” and the acerbic fuzz of the Liz Phair-esque “Phonecall Song” with the hopeful opening line “I’ve got a lot to look forward to” that devolves into the ending refrain “I’ve got a lot that I hate to do...a lot of it I’ve already done.”

Scarlett has a knack for a certain kind of introspective humility, like in the following lyric from “Waves”:

Sometimes I’m not so good

But you don’t always have to be good at what you love

(God, isn’t that the truth!)

There Is A Moon is available for pre-order at It will also be available as a digital download.

About Scarlett Deering

Joining the latest generation of music that fuses bold, indie sounds with classical, conservatory training, Scarlett Deering is sewing her place in the Nashville music scene one string at a time. The bright young singer-songwriter has made the leap into the high profile country music capital, offering a fresh take on lyrics, layered harmonies and contemporary arrangements, all rounded out with a silky smooth voice and bright, authentic smile.

When she’s not submersed in a world of violins, lyrics and performances, Scarlett weaves learning new instruments, drinking copious amounts of hot tea, watching Adventure Time and experimenting in the kitchen into her day-to-day routine.

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